How to Play Music on Windows Media Player

Windows Media player is a great piece of software to play music and watch movies on. If your CD player is broke then listening to music on this is an excellent alternative cello

How we listen and buy music is changing forever. Most of the record shops have disappeared and CDs will probably go the same way. Downloading music will soon become the most popular way to buy listen to music.

If you have Windows Media Player installed on your computer and you want to find out how you can use it to listen to music then follow these steps:

Step One

Open Windows Media Player by clicking on Start – All Programs and then click on the Windows Media Player icon.

Step Two

When the player screen appears you can make it bigger by clicking on the maximize button. This can be found at the top right hand corner of your screen. You can identify it as it has two squares together with one in front of the other. It will be situated between the X button and the underscore button.

Step Three

You will see a horizontal toolbar on top. Click on the Library tab and then click on music.

Step Four

You will see a list of music files appear. This is where you have stored your music. From the list select the folder that contains the music that you want to play.

Step Five

When you have chosen the file double click with your mouse to begin the playback process. Windows Media Player has a number of features that you can use to make improve your listening experience. Here is a brief description of what these tools can do:

Playback and pause: Below the screen you will see a control bar that enables you to play and pause the music. This can be done by pressing on the round circular button in the centre. This button will play and pause the music.

Volume Control: You can adjust the volume of the music you are playing with the volume control which is found to the right hand side of the playback and pause button. The volume control is very simple and easy to use as all you have to do is move the arrow on the bar to the right to increase the volume and move to the left to decrease the volume.

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