Where Can I Find the Best Tools?

We’ve been polling our audience over the past few months to find out who makes the best tools, at least according to their professional opinions. It all depends. A different brand is more likely to make the best ratchet than the best drill. It can be broken down into tool classes, trades, power sources, and many other things. However, I still wanted to find out what the general perceptions were. Here’s how the audience answered the question “Who makes the best tools?”

Many of you rightly pointed out that these results were highly subjective. Some people voted Harbor Freight tools the best in multiple categories. You can also find the best hand and power tools at UK tool centre. There is clearly brand loyalty. We recommend taking this with a grain, but it was great fun to hear what you guys and girls thought! There are top 3 tool brands to get best tools:


Which power tool brand is the best? Bosch is ranked number 1 on our 2020 list of top power tool brands. Bosch, a multinational engineering and technology firm from Germany, is headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany. Bosch’s core business areas include power tools as well as mobility (hardware, software), consumer goods (including power tools and household appliances), industrial technology (including drive-and-control), energy and building technology. Bosch’s power tools division supplies power tools, accessories, and measuring technology. Its extensive product range includes power tools like hammer drills and cordless screwdrivers as well as jigsaws. Bosch was ranked as one of the top power tool brands worldwide in 2020 with revenues of USD 91.66 million.


DeWalt is ranked number 2 in BizVibe‚Äôs top 10 global tool brands list. DeWalt, an American multinational manufacturer of hand tools and power tools for construction, manufacturing and woodworking, is ranked number 2. DeWalt is headquartered in Towson (Maryland) and employs over 13,000 people. It has Stanley Black & Decker, its parent company. DeWalt’s most popular products include the DeWalt screw gun that is used to countersink drywall screws, and the DeWalt circular-saw. DeWalt was a top-selling power tool brand in the world last year, with a revenue of USD 5.37 billion.


Makita is ranked 3rd in this ranking of the 10 best powertool brands worldwide. Makita, a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of power tools was founded in 1915. Makita has operations in Brazil, China and Japan, Mexico as well as the United Kingdom, Germany. Dubai, Thailand, Thailand, and the United States. Makita was one of the top power tool companies worldwide in 2020, with a revenue of USD 2.9 billion. Makita is a specialist in cordless tools, such as cordless screwdrivers and impact wrenches. Other tools include cordless saws, angle grinders and planers, as well as cordless screwdrivers and battery-powered screwdrivers. Makita power tools include drills, stemming hammers and planers, as well as saws, drills, planeers, saws, and cutting & angle grinders. They also offer gardening equipment (electric lawnmowers and high-pressure cleaners), as well measuring tools (rangefinders and rotating lasers).

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